Poems From Other Cultures Essay Plan

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I found both poems interesting and ii can relate to them but more to Sujata Bhatt’s poem as my mother tongue is also gujerati and I am starting to forget it.

I also prefer it because it has a good rhythm and I like the way she shows the contrast between stanza one and three.

Another example of this is; ‘…Wha yu mean when yu say half-caste yu mean tchaikovsky sit down at dah piano an mix a black key wid a white key is a half-caste symphony’ When composers right music they use the whole range of the instrument available, but again we do not call these creations half-caste.

This way of explaining makes you understand why people from mixed race, like the writer John Agard, get frustrated and upset when people use the term half-cast.

Moniza Alvi is an insecure person, I believe this is the case because of what she says in lines 18-19: “I’ll never be as lovely as these clothes” She is not high in confidence probably as a result of not being able to show both her cultures i.e.

she believes that she cannot wear her salwaar kameez out on weekends in England as she thinks she will be laughed at.“Search for my tongue” is written in three stanzas this is appropriate for this poem as in the first she is sad because she has forgotten gujerati.In stanza she is dreaming and remembers and in stanza 3 she is happy because “the bud grows back” The stanza in Alvi’s poem are irregular and in my opinion that is not for a reason there is also no particular rhyme or rhythm in the poem.She uses many metaphors and similes describing the beautiful clothes: “Glistening like an orange split open” “Candy stripped glass bangles” These are effective forms of imagery because everyone loves food and so everyone can imagine the colours of the clothes.There is not much more imagery in this poem, when she talk about her journey to England she just talks about what happened like it was a conversation whereas other poets would have used more imagery.“Your mother tongue would rot I thought I had spit it out but overnight while I dream” Then she writes in gujerati showing that she now remembers it but also showing how hard it is to learn the language in the first place.As at the beginning she is sad the language in the first stanza is cynical and pessimistic.She will always be frowned upon by Pakistanis for being half English and vice versa.In the poem she says “Half-English Unlike Aunty Jamila” But then she says “The presents were radiant in my wardrobe” Firstly indicating that she did not like the clothes then saying they were beautiful.While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Many poems deal with the theme of cultural identity.


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