Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

When the dog was mostly Alaskan malamute, they called it an Australian shepherd dog.

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Whether that consists of a family or just one person their protection and love for their people is unconditional. They are very eager to please people and always want to do their best.

Pit bulls are the type of dog where you say jump and they say “how high?

This is happening because of Breed Specific Legislation or BSL.

BSL is a law that bans or restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are seen as “dangerous” breeds.

He was an extremely affectionate and playful dog who enjoyed spending 90 percent of his day relaxing on the couch and the rest playing with his owners.

Hank was taken by the police while the family wasn’t home, and now they have killed him without even letting his family say good-bye.In several recent studies, workers at shelters misidentified dogs’ breeds 50 to 87 percent of the time.When DNA tests identified a dog’s dominant breed as Dalmatian, shelter workers called it a terrier.This could be because pit bull owners are conscious of the bias against the breed when self-reporting, but it does agree with the American Temperament Test Society, which also has found that American Pit Bull Terriers were among the most tolerant breeds. More than 300,000 Americans visit the ER for dog bites every year, and an average of 25 of these people die from the injuries.In response, since the 1980s, more than 900 cities have enacted breed specific legislation (BSL). Although other breeds, like Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and even Chihuahuas are occasionally included, almost every BSL is targeted at pit bulls.Hank, the pit bull I talked about earlier, lived in Miami, Florida.BSL applies only to dogs of a certain appearance, not to all dogs.Pit bulls are an amazing breed of dog I believe should not be banned. Pit bulls are super fun to play with and very loving toward people who are loving toward them.Contrary to belief, they do not have anything against humans unless they are given a reason to, just like any other animal.The dog warden told them there were no complaints about Hank’s behavior, just with his appearance.This beautiful and loving dog was killed just because of how he looks, which is not OK.


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