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Hydrogen evolved on the front amorphous silicon surface decorated with various catalysts while oxygen evolved from the back metal substrate which also eliminated the hazard of mixed hydrogen/oxygen gas evolution.

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Many strains are able to produce hydrogen naturally, and scientists are working to improve them.

he proposed a switch from the use of fossil fuels to radiant energy provided by the sun and captured by technical photochemistry devices.

In this switch he saw a possibility to lessen the difference between the rich north of Europe and poor south and ventured a guess that this switch from coal to solar energy would "not be harmful to the progress and to human happiness." The Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis, the first of its kind, was established during 1994 as a collaboration between groups of three different universities, Lund, Uppsala and Stockholm, being presently active around Lund and the Ångström Laboratories in Uppsala.

Visible light water splitting with a one piece multijunction semiconductor cell (vs.

Furthermore, the protons resulting from water splitting can be used for hydrogen production.

These catalysts must be able to react quickly and absorb a large percentage of the incident solar photons.

This method of sustainable hydrogen production is a major objective for the development of alternative energy systems.

Another area of research within artificial photosynthesis is the selection and manipulation of photosynthetic microorganisms, namely green microalgae and cyanobacteria, for the production of solar fuels.

The only by-product would be oxygen, and production of a solar fuel has the potential to be cheaper than gasoline.

One process for the creation of a clean and affordable energy supply is the development of photocatalytic water splitting under solar light.


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