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This enriches the cognitive, competitive and social interaction and, hence, developsoutcomes in the cognitive, affective, motivational and social domains.

This enriches the cognitive, competitive and social interaction and, hence, developsoutcomes in the cognitive, affective, motivational and social domains.The study proved thepositive impact of applying such strategies in enhancing mathematical achievement andpromoting problem solving skills compared with the impact made by traditional teachingstrategies.Inaddition to the quantitative methodology, the study also addressed qualitative issues.

This is followed by a brief overview of cooperative learning, as well as its potential to contribute to College English teaching.

The overall aim of the research and the specific research questions addressed are presented at the end of this chapter.

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The study investigates the rationale and value of using cooperative learning strategies in themathematics classroom with special reference to its effectiveness in promoting problemsolving skills and levels of achievement in mathematics.

The study illustrated that cooperative learning strategies help to solve problems faced byteachers in classroom management.

As expected, the research showed that outcomes differed from case to case and from onesituation to another.The new learning approachencouraged students to challenge problems and provided them with the opportunities to speakmathematically, to understand the mathematical concepts and rules and to use them.Resultsfrom the study also demonstrated that cooperative learning developed other skills.It improvedstudent interaction, communication and social skills and built more positive attitudes towardslearning compared with the traditional methods.Developing student behaviour andpersonality was, therefore, an important additional feature.Pre- and post-mathematical achievement tests were employedto assess students' progress in achievement and problem solving skills.Also, a programmeevaluation questionnaire was applied at the end of the experiment for all students involved.The first chapter clarifies the context for the research, which includes an introduction about the importance of English language teaching in China, a description of the widely used traditional approach, as well as its negative consequences.Observations are made regarding the characteristics of College English teaching and recent nationwide College English reform, which have spurred a transformation of the traditional approach at the tertiary level, with a focus on enhancing students' listening and speaking abilities in English.Two female and two male teachers were trained in the use of cooperative learning strategiesin their classes during the implementation of the experiment, while the other four teachers hadbeen asked to keep using their usual traditional teaching methods.The experiment took placewithin two scholastic semesters and the same mathematical content was covered by the twogroups within the experiment.


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