Persuasive Essays On Smoking Bans

Equally, many smokers feel that they pay a huge amount of tax on the cigarettes that they smoke and, therefore, they are entitled to do what they want.

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Furthermore, this smoke also causes suffocation in closed environment where Oxygen is already a valuable resource.

A significant portion of people also suffer from breathing difficulties as well as Asthma.

Secondly, public display of such activity acts as a promoter of such activities.

And lastly, because it damages environment as well.

As part of your outline, you should include details relating to the topic of smoking.

Due to the fact that you are writing in a persuasive style, you may include some relevant details relating to the general topic that you will be writing about.

Secondhand smoke is equally dangerous I have also observed this fact in the normal life that other people also suffer when they work in an environment where smoking is allowed.

A large majority of people who don’t smoke feel very discomfort able when they experience the smoke of cigarette which is very pungent and strong.

I have also worked with him on few occasions and it is does not feel good to see him in suffering.

Therefore, these experiences have led me to believe that smoking ban in offices as well as public places is justified.


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