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Luckily, there are multiple available sources if you are not sure what to write about.Your argumentative essay topics should be fresh and catchy.Close the first paragraph with a thesis statement, which should only be a sentence long.

It won’t be interesting to read about the things that were discussed a thousand times in the past.

A nice idea will be to select a topic, which has a solid collection of available data and still enough room for a personal research.

Before proceeding with details of your argument, you should first think on the introduction and conclusion, as well as create an outline.

In case you have doubts, writing a persuasive essay with professional authors is a great way out!

The main questions, which you may find useful, when choosing a topic, include: You can even make charts with weak and strong sides of every topic and then decide which one you prefer the most.

There are five most important claims, which will help you with starting an argue and eventually proving your point of view!

They should interlink with the main topic, so it is better to consult your tutor and discuss all the options you have in mind.

You can put aside your written notes and take some time off.

Usually it is assigned at the end of the year and aims to show your knowledge of the topic.

That is why most of the students find such a task quite challenging and try to look for assistance.


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