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Some scientists believe that water pollution is the largest cause of death and disease in the world, causing about 14,000 deaths in the world each day.Radioactive pollution can be caused by leaks or spills of radioactive materials.There is general agreement by scientists that the global climate will continue to change, that the intensity of weather effects will continue to increase, and that some species of animals will become extinct.

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Soil pollution can be caused by pesticides, leakage from chemical tanks, oil spills, and other chemicals which get into the soil by dumping or accidental contamination.There are two main types of air pollution: primary and secondary.Primary pollutants enter the air directly, like smoke from factories and car exhaust.It can cause damage to animals, both internally and externally, by eating, drinking, or touching it. It can cause certain cancers and other deadly diseases.Noise pollution can be caused by vehicle, aircraft, and industrial noise.SHARING IS CARING - MY SECOND BLOG, AT black smoke curling out of smokestacks, horrible–tasting chemicals in your drinking water, pesticides in your food –– these are examples of pollution.Pollution is any contamination of the environment which causes harm to the environment or the inhabitants of the environment. NO NEED TO EXPOSE YOUR GRIEF AND GLOOMY DAY, JUST SMILE, ONLY THE ALMIGHTY GOD KNOWS HOW ARE YOU TODAY.... THANKS A LOT FOR VISITING AND VIEWING MY GARDEN, THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG AS MY DIARY.HOPE YOU WILL BE HAPPY AND CAN TAKE AWAY SOMETHING BENEFICIAL ...These materials can come from medical sources, nuclear power plants, or laboratories which handle radioactive materials.Air, soil, and water can be polluted by radioactivity.


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