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Of the 375 billion tons of food we consume each yearthe bulk comes from plants, which synthesize it out of air and soil with the help of vi H INTRODUCTION sunlight.

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As Darwin put it, plants "acquire and display this power only when it is of some advantage to them." At the beginning of the twentieth century a gifted Viennese biologist with the Gallic name of Raoul France put forth the idea, shocking to contemporary natural philosophers, that plants move their bodies as freely, easily, and gracefully as the most skilled animal or human, and that the only reason we don't appreciate the fact is that plants do so at a much slower pace than humans.

INTRODUCTION IX The roots of plants, said France, burrow inquiringly into the earth, the buds and twigs swing in definite circles, the leaves and blossoms bend and shiver with change, the tendrils circle questingly and reach out with ghostly arms to feel their surroundings.

The Secret Life of Plants A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual between plants and man.

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird authors of Secrets of the Soil “Once in a while you find a book that stuns you. This is such a book.” - John White, San Francisco Chronicle THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS Peter Tompkins AND Christopher Bird Harpcr Collins Publishers India Harper Collins Publishers India Pvt Ltd 7/16 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110 002 First Published by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.

When the earth is dry, the roots turn toward moister ground, finding their way into buried pipes, stretching, as in the case of the lowly alfalfa plant, as far as forty feet, developing an energy that can bore through concrete.

No one has yet counted the roots of a tree, but a study of a single rye plant indicates a total of over 13 million rootlets with a combined length of 380 miles.On these rootlets of a rye plant are fine root hairs estimated to number some 14 billion with a total length of 6,600 miles, almost the distance from pole to pole.As the special burrowing cells are worn out by contact with stones, pebbles, and large grains of sand, they are rapidly replaced, but when they reach a source of nourishment they die and are replaced by cells designed to dissolve mineral salts and collect the resulting elements.Man, said France, merely thinks plants motionless and feelingless because he will not take the time to watch them.Poets and philosophers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, who took the trouble to watch plants, discovered that they grow in opposite directions, partly burrowing into the ground as if attracted by gravity, partly shooting up into the air as if pulled by some form of antigravity, or levity.Wormlike rootlets, which Darwin likened to a brain, burrow constantly downward with thin white threads, crowding themselves firmly into the soil, tasting it as they go.Small hollow chambers in which a ball of starch can rattle indicate to the root tips the direction of the pull of gravity.Copyright © Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 1973 First published in India by Harper Collins Publishers India 2000 All rights reserved.No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Obear, Chief of the Loan Division, and to his most helpful assistants. Pauls, and Benjamin Swinson, who saved them much anxiety by caring for their shelved books. Allen of the Slavic and Central European Division, and Dolores Moyano Martin, of the Latin American Division, Library of Congress, and to Lida L.Lastly the authors are grateful to their respective helpmates, without whom the book would never have reached the printer.Introduction Short of Aphrodite, there is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower, nor more essential than a plant.


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