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However there are many safety precautions taken into place when playing this game.The most important safety feature in this game is the mask.

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Your hand and eye coordination also betters it self from playing.

During games you're using different strategies and practicing your skills.

Not only that but you can work up a real sweat while playing so it's also very good for keeping you in shape.

You must run around, hide, and dive all over the place too.

Paintball has become a high-tech sport compared to the guns of the last couple of decades.

For a long time, all of the guns ran off of 12 gram Co2 which would shoot up to 40 shots. Today, guns are run by a small computer manufactured into them.In order to be eliminated you must either be shot with a paintball on your marker or yourself or they can "bunker" you.That means that they get within ten feet of you by running across the field to where you are playing.Paintball guns were first usedby the National Forest Associationto mark trees that would be cutdown. One night whilesitting around a campfire, onecowboy shot another and that is howthe game of paintball got started. of Airgun Frames manufactured these gunsunder contract for the Nelson Paint Co.This “splotchmaker” can rightfullyclaim to be the grandfather ofmodern paintball guns (Peters, 73). During this twenty year span,paintball evolved from a”survivalist” game into thewholesome, exciting, family game itis today.From this point, paintball started to “snowball”, picking up interest in foreign countries and on the internet.New high-tech paintball products are invented all the time, making the sport increasingly more complex.Also in 1982 Paintball Marketing Incorporated was founded to market and distribute paintball products.In 1983 the first national championship was held with a ,000 dollar purse.The guns were pump action, and would hold a small amount of paint. They run off of large bottles of Co2, nitrogen, and compressed air, which will shoot up to 2000 times.Guns are semi-auto, or full auto, and will shoot over 25 rounds a second. Now you can buy complete facemasks, gloves, or body armor.


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