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If you cannot find a person to whom you can address the letter, be specific in your generic address and salutation.

Call the company and ask for the Human Resource department.

Explain to an HR representative that you don't want to send your cover letter without a specific name and ask if you can have the name of the hiring manager or the HR recruiter for the position.

Use our tips below on how to start your cover letter with a proper greeting and sign off with a polished signature. When applying for a job, sometimes you want to start off formally, even though you may take a less formal tone in subsequent written exchanges. A final comment on people’s names: Be sure to spell them correctly. What if you cannot track down a contact name for your cover email?

If you’re unfamiliar with someone’s name, be sure you don’t confuse the first name with the family name, which can easily happen in today’s global business environment, depending in part on the languages you know. His surname is Yang and his first name is Yuanqing (in Mandarin, the family name is written first), so if you are addressing him, you would write Dear Mr. Use a generic salutation, such as Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Recruiting Manager or Dear Human Resources Professional.

So how else can you distinguish your communications? If you're unsure of the person’s gender and can’t find out, write the full name, as in Dear Chu Li or Dear Chris Beltran.

Appropriate openings and closings that convey professionalism and polish. While it is increasingly common to see greetings without the "Dear" in business, it is less formal.For example, use "Hiring Manager for ABC Position" or "HR Recruiter for XYZ Position" to help get your resume and cover letter directed to the right person as quickly as possible.Steve Mc Donnell's experience running businesses and launching companies complements his technical expertise in information, technology and human resources.But a cover letter alone won't do it; you also need a resume that clearly demonstrates what you're skilled at and how you can make their company awesome. She looks at it for half a second before kicking it to the recycle bin.If you're sending your resume and a cover letter to a company and you don't know the name of a person to whom you can address the letter, take some time to find out who the right contact is before you use a generic salutation.Addressing the letter to a generic person can leave an unfavorable impression of you.To some, it implies that you are either not really very interested in the position, too lazy or not resourceful enough to discover who the hiring manager or HR recruiter is for the role.When you address the letter to a person, it immediately puts your resume in the hands of an appropriate contact, rather than in a stack of other unsolicited resumes.It's often not very difficult to discover the name of the hiring manager or the HR recruiter for a particular position.Using a generic address or salutation can leave a bad impression on people at the company to which you're sending your resume.


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