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" Random yet clear words and phrases came to me from that scene in the movie: Perplexed and thinking, he agreed that the occurrence brought back the memory of watching that movie.

Later on, doomsayers and Nostradamus aficionados would have a lot of chitchat about the quatrains that pertain to the event.

When discussing the relationship between the society and art, it is impossible to neglect the connection between George Orwell’s most famous work 1984 and society today.

In fact, the book and our environment nowadays can be compared in more ways than one, which is the primary purpose of this essay.

At that moment, a scene from my memory poked my mind. Do you remember that movie we watched about Nostradamus' predictions?

That scene about the destruction that is going to happen in New York?

The ISIS, short for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or just plain Islamic State, is wrecking havoc in the Middle East and they are spreading the fire of violence as they expand their movement.

In other parts of the world, pockets of terror wrought about by misled Islamic militants are being reported by the news media, happening even in non-Muslim countries like France, Belgium, Philippines, Canada, USA, and Australia.

September 11, 2001 - I was eating my late dinner (note that I lived not in the US) when my elder brother called my attention.

He was waiting for the business news on cable, but instead of such, it was a live blow by blow coverage of 2 airplanes crashing and destroying the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.


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