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Unfortunately, such a tool is only available in CSI (although it’s not uncommon that scientific progress was first visualized in fiction!

), so for now we will have to settle for applications that can be used to assign known molecules to their corresponding 1H NMR.

The assignment of 1H NMR spectra of small molecules is an everyday task within organic chemistry, which is usually tackled in a manual way.

The chemist typically identifies the most relevant regions (aka multiplets) in the spectrum and assigns them to atoms in the putative molecular structure.

1) An NMR-FID is loaded, apodized, transformed, phased and baseline corrected, typically in a transparent, fully unattended way (The process, however, can be customized by the user).

In addition, a presumed correct molecular structure is loaded, using any of the popular formula-encoding formats (mol, Chem Draw files, etc) The resulting frequency domain 1H spectrum is automatically deconvolved using the sophisticated Global Spectrum Deconvolution algorithm in order to generate a reliable list of peaks and their parameters (position, height, width, kurtosis, area, etc), even in situations characterized by a strong peaks overlap (Fig.2).

An important part of this process is also the recognition of multiplets due to J-couplings and a detailed characterization of their many properties (this results in a multiplets list).

Inter-multiplet coupling patterns are also detected and stored as another tool for the subsequent auto-assignment step.

The final step of the algorithm consists in combining all the information collected to this point.

Basically, the wizard tries to find the best possible match between the experimental multiplets and the predicted multiplets, subject also to constraints dictated by NMR know-how.


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