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For example, “it is possible to acquire a new culture by becoming disabled, moving to a new country or region, or by...

Family and culture may influence a person’s sense of responsibilities, ethics and morals, tastes in music, humor and sports, and many other aspects of life.

Friends and surrounding environments may influence a person’s taste in clothing, music, speech, and social activities.

One may say we already have a day set aside to celebrate freedom.

The Juneteenth website explains: This important American celebration reminds us that the price of freedom of slaves that ended with a Proclamation of Freedom that was read to the slaves of Galveston, Texas by General Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865. Those slaves started the celebration that we know and continue today as the Juneteenth Celebration which is now celebrated all across America, and has now become the African American addendum to our national Independence Day.

A person’s identity is defined by what shaped it in the first place, why they chose to be who they are, and what makes them different from everybody else in the world.

I feel that I have developed most of my identity from my own dreams, fantasies, friends, and idols.

I take into consideration the concrete, the behavioral and the symbolic for they all have their place in a person being who they are.

Yes, I wish others could see and gain understanding for other cultures through my eyes.

(Juneteenth, n.d.) Now, this is what you call a celebration, each year is exciting more and more.

I’ve met a variety of people, from various parts of Africa, and from many cities in the United States.


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