Multiplying Fractions Problem Solving

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In addition to the above anchor chart, we also do a word problem sort.

The word problems were specifically written to match the contexts from the chart so this is a great extension of the lesson involving the anchor chart.

We discuss each one and how it relates back to multiplication and division.

My students then use this chart (and the printable version I provide – available for free in the next section) to support them as they solve word problems.

The anchor chart and the sort are used after I have introduced and we have practiced both operations in isolation.

I do this by using resources from my Multiplying and Dividing Fractions resource.And then we work through the situation and solve the problem/ answer the question using models.This really helps the students conceptually understand the operations.A recipe for banana oat muffins calls for 3/4 of a cup of old-fashioned oats. You want half of the number of old-fashioned oats as the whole recipe. So you just multiply 1/2 times 3/4, and this is equal to-- you multiply the numerators. So if the whole recipe requires 3/4 of a cup and you're making half of the recipe, you want half of 3/4, right? So if we put it into fourths, 3/4 would represent three of these, so it would represent one, two, three. Word problems fractions = a lot of struggle for many students.Especially when you throw in new concepts like multiplying and dividing fractions.The students really need to make a habit of checking to see if their answers make sense.This will help them if they choose the wrong operation.When students are only exposed to algorithms, they may not fully understand the operation.As a result, they will struggle with choosing the correct operations when solving word problems.


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