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Choose your font to impact each particular audience and persuade them to like your ad.Color Theory, Rule of Thirds, CARP rules We are review design basics and principles as they relate to animation, set design, stagecraft, shot selection, camera work.There are several ways of accessing knowledge levels and competencies in a group of students and different types of student assignments can be one of them.

Nothing attracts the eye and brain of the viewer like strong contrast and distinctive patterns, and you only get those attributes by carefully designing them into your pages.

If you make everything bold, then nothing stands out and you end up looking as if you are SHOUTING at your readers.

524 – Speed Grader™ Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Once you have completed the feedback in Speedgrader the student see the comments and highlights by choosing View Feedback either in the assignment window or under Grades in the course menu.

If you cram every page with dense text, readers see a wall of gray and their brains will instinctively reject the lack of visual contrast.

Just making things uniformly bigger doesn’t help at all.We will revisit these topics throughout this course.Multi-term students will do additional projects to demonstrate different rules in their projects.NOTE: This Web site is intended to be a general guide for the students of EDSE 478 and EDSE 578 - Technology Integration in the Curriculum.All of the information contained within the pages of this Web site are subject to change as seen fit by the instructor.Students must be provided with a variety of opportunities to represent their knowledge.Multimedia technology has opened new doors for many students and allows them to express their understanding of new concepts.If you are not on Google Apps yet, please write out 10 similarities and 10 differences and create a Venn Diagram on the back of the sheet. Copyrights – As a class we will be strictly observing copyright laws, especially for any work that we may share publicly.Flip Book and Animation Packet – Covering the history of film and animation, basic motion and animation techniques, how elements create mood, CGI basics. Let’s explore how copyrights work and what the different aspects are and how they relate to our work with video.Even boldface fonts become monotonous very quickly, because if everything is bold then nothing stands out “boldly.” ” – Choose four of the following project ideas and make a one page presentation in Illustrator for each.Think of the information title page added to a video advertisement.


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