Multiculturalism Essay

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However, overweening ethnic pride is detrimental to social harmony.

Building teamwork work among people of different cultures prompts people to push their own limits.

In addition, amid a global trend in which multicultural societies are sought after as a source of a country’s competitive edge, we need to be serious about establishing a harmonious multicultural society, today and tomorrow.

As a matter of fact, multiculturalism can offer a number of benefits for our country.

The rapid rate of globalization has made multiculturalism an important component of a country’s progress.

Multiculturalism Essay

A country that places considerable stress on the ideas of progress, including on multiculturalism, will developed quickly.Though it may sound silly and trivial, many Indonesians encounter hard times surviving overseas without rice and (chili sauce).As a Padangnese, for example, I cannot live without Padang food and am never fed up with its globally recognized deliciousness.A genuine engagement with diversity is a source of social capital, which needs to be taken care of regardless of place or time.questions that are in debates, in regards to multiculturalism, asks if multiculturalism contributes either to harmony and integration or conflict and fragmentation.This has always been the case when debating about multiculturalism because we want to know if multiculturalism is a good thing or a bad thing, will it perpetuate pre-existing problems or will it solve them?Garcea’s article best lists out the many differing principles in which multiculturalism is understood in Canada.Herewith some ground rules for a culturally diverse nation.A burning issue still currently being addressed across the country is multiculturalism.However, many stand still, trapped in a stagnant mindset, incapable of pushing their limits as a consequence of their comfort zones.Working for a foreign company or in a foreign atmosphere helps familiarize one to a common language — professionalism.


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