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MS-DRG 215 (Other Heart Assist System Implant) CMS stated in the FY 2018 IPPS Final Rule that they are aware of advice clarifying coding and reporting for certain external heart assist devices due to the technology being approved for new indications and current claims data does not reflect the updated guidance.They also noted recent updates to descriptions of the codes for heart assist devices in the past year and provide the example qualifier “intraoperative” being added effective October 1, 2017 (FY 2018).Procedures described by these two ICD–10–PCS procedure codes are designated as non-O. procedures that have no impact on MS–DRG assignment.

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and one of the following ICD-10-PCS code combinations, which captures cases involving neurostimulator generators inserted into the skull (including cases involving the use of the RNS© neurostimulator), to retitled MS-DRG 023 (Craniotomy with Major Device Implant or Acute Complex Central Nervous System (CNS) Principal Diagnosis (PDX) with MCC or Chemotherapy Implant or Epilepsy with Neurotimulator), even if there is no MCC reported:” CMS agreed with a requestor and finalized the proposal to add the following two codes representative of epilepsy diagnoses to the listing of epilepsy diagnosis codes for cases assigned to MS-DRG 023: CMS also sought public comment on a couple of issues specific to pacemakers.

First, they questioned if procedure codes currently designated as O. Procedure codes and are assigned to MS-DRGs 260, 261, and 262 under MDC 5 describing the removal or revision of a cardiac lead and removal or revision of a cardiac rhythm related (pacemaker) device should also be designated as non-O. procedure codes for FY 2019 when reported as a single, individual stand-alone code with a principal diagnosis outside of MDC 5 for consistency in the classification among these devices.

Therefore, CMS finalized their proposals to: In addition to a new MS-DRG assignment and MS-DRG title revision, both manufacturers of CAR T-cell therapy submitted applications and were approved for new technology add-on payments for FY 2019.

MDC 1: Diseases and Disorders of the Nervous System Epilepsy with Neurostimulator In the FY 2018 IPPS/LTCH PPS Final Rule, CMS finalized their proposal “to reassign all cases reporting a principal diagnosis of epilepsy…

CMS indicated that “Our clinical advisors agree that until there is a way to specifically identify percutaneous ECMO in the claims data to enable further analysis, a proposal at this time is not warranted.” It just so happens that the FY 2019 ICD-10-PCS procedure code files include new ICD-10-PCS procedure codes identifying percutaneous ECMO procedures.

Additionally, the current code for ECMO procedures (ICD-10-PCS code 5A15223) has been revised. procedure, CMS reviewed the predecessor procedure code assignments.

Based on data analysis CMS felt that the codes were best aligned with those in MS-DRGs 344, 345, and 346.

In their analysis of MS-DRGs 329, 330, and 331 CMS also examined a subset of cases reporting one of the following bowel procedures as the only O. procedure: CMS noted that “this approach can be useful in determining whether resource use is truly associated with a particular procedure or whether the procedure frequently occurs in cases with other procedures with higher than average resource use.” Analysis showed that resources for these cases is more aligned with MS-DRGs 344, 345, and 346.

Pre-MDC Heart Transplant or Implant of Heart Assist Program In the FY 2018 IPPS Final Rule, CMS stated their intent to review the ICD-10 logic for Pre-MDC MS-DRGs 001 and 002 (Heart Transplant or Implant of Heart Assist System with and without MCC, respectively), as well as MS-DRG 215 (Other Heart Assist System Implant) and MS-DRGs 268 and 269 (Aortic and Heart Assist Procedures Except Pulsation Balloon with and without MCC, respectively) where procedures involving heart assist devices are currently assigned.

MS-DRGs 001 and 002 (Heart Transplant or Implant of Heart Assist System with and without MCC, respectively) Currently data shows differences in the average length of stay and average costs for cases in Pre-MDC MS-DRGs 001 and 002 according to the type of procedure, type of device, and the approach utilized.


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