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Beaumains embarks on adventures with lady Linet and he is revealed to be Sir Gareth.He is the fourth son of King Lot and Queen Margawse and Sir Gawaine’s brother.

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The story begins with Uther Pendragon, the King of England who lusts after Igraine, who happens to be the wife of the Duke of Tintagil.

They conceive a child together and name him Arthur who is then sent to be raised by a surrogate family.

In this book we are also introduced to Sir Launcelot, a central character in the Arthurian legend.

Book VI follows the quests and adventures of Sir Launcelot, where he battles and destroys two giants.

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It begins with the formation of the Knights of the Round Table and follows the rise of King Arthur and his tragic fall.Arthur emerges as the rightful king after he pulls the sword from the stone as foretold by Merlin.With this, Arthur learns of his true lineage and accepts his place as king.And we read of Merlin’s prophecies regarding the rise of the Round Table.Book II follows Sir Balin, known as the Kight of Two Swords, and his brother Sir Balan.This also makes him the brother of Gaheris, Agravaine, and Mordred.Gareth proves his nobility by killing Arhtur’s enemy, the Black Knight and the Black Knight’s brothers.Although the bulk of Mallory’s text is taken directly from the Arthurian tradition, Book VII emerges as fairly unique.In this book a mysterious young man arrives at court where he is mocked by Sir Kay.Unfortunately, Arthur has gotten his half-sister pregnant who gives birth to Mordred, the one who is destined to kill Arthur.However, Arthur takes the crown and established order in the realm with his Knights of the Round Table.


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