Media And Violence Essay

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The UCLA study focused on all of the television media, and discovered some interesting facts from their study. Theatrical films raised more concern and had a lot more violence. 23% of the cartoons raised concern, but that was only rating the most popular cartoons: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, X-Men, etc.

They termed the action in cartoons as “Sinister Combat Violence” which basically means the whole story line leads to violence. focused on the amount and context on cable, effectiveness of rating systems and parental advisories, and the success of anti-violent messages.

CBS president, Howard Stringer is pointing to a different scapegoat for society’s violence. that puts a lot of American movies on and has more graphic violence within it’s live drama on the BBC than anywhere else, and there is a lot less violence in the United Kingdom than there is here.

There are 200 million guns in America, and that has a lot to do with violence.” He feels it has to do with gun control, which others have suggested.

They found that perpetrators go unpunished in 73% of all violent scenes, one out of four violent interactions involved the use of handguns, and premium cable channels present the highest percentage of violent programs (85%). Rowell Huesmann conducted a study, which continued for decades. They took 800 eight-year-olds and found that children who watched many hours of violent television tended to be more aggressive in the playground and the classroom.

There was more to their findings, but these were the more prevalent findings. They checked back with these kids 11 and 22 years later.There have been about 3,000 studies performed on this topic.Two of the most prolific studies were the UCLA Television Violence Monitoring Report, and the Mediascope, Inc.test sponsored by the National Cable Television Association.Of course there were many other studies done, but these made headlines because of their results.There have been arguments upon arguments about this issue, and over 3,000 studies conducted.Unfortunately there isn’t one single result, there is only an array of supposed answers to this undying question.Government that failed to implement measures such as gun control to prevent societal violence should also be blamed.After all, media is not the sole factor that contributes to societal violence. We know that violence is wrong and may lead to punishment thus we would not behave violently.Hence media violence would not necessarily lead us to behave violently and commit violent crimes.


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