Math Problem Solving Grade 6

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Follow those worksheets up with the subtraction word problems once subtraction concept are covered, and then proceed with multiplication and division word problems in the same fashion.

Word problems are often a source of anxiety for students because we tend to introduce math operations in the abstract.

These story problems deal with travel time, including determining the travel distance, travel time and speed using miles (customry units).

This is a very common class of word problem and specific practice with these worksheets will prepare students when they encounter similar problems on standardized tests.

Extend number line diagrams and coordinate axes familiar from previous grades to represent points on the line and in the plane with negative number coordinates. EE.4 Identify when two expressions are equivalent (i.e., when the two expressions name the same number regardless of which value is substituted into them).

For example, the expressions y y y and 3y are equivalent because they name the same number regardless of which number y stands for. EE.5 Understand solving an equation or inequality as a process of answering a question: which values from a specified set, if any, make the equation or inequality true?

The tasks are aligned to the Common Core standards. Classroom videos: Videos of public lessons and number talks, most based on performance assessment tasks, that have been extensively field-tested in multiple settings and refined over time. Dana Center early mathematics tasks: A series of instructional tasks, aligned with the Common Core standards, that teachers can use to instruct grades pre-K through grade 2.

Most sessions have a literature focus to draw children into the content and to keep them connected to a context. Formative re-engaging lessons: Videos of a classroom lesson involving re-engagement around a mathematical concept following a cycle of inquiry, instruction, assessment, analysis, and selection.

Here you will find all sixth grade resources to guide and support mathematics teaching and learning.

These resources are organized by mathematical strand and refer to specific Common Core math content standards. Problems of the Month: Non-routine problems designed to be used schoolwide to promote a problem-solving theme.


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