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A startup exists in the landscape of customers and potential customers.So, if there will be people buying or using your product, you need to learn all you can about these people, from these people, and for these people.

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A customer job could be the tasks they are trying to perform and complete, the problems they are trying to solve, or the needs they are trying to satisfy.

Use the following trigger questions to help you think of different potential customer jobs: Customer jobs often depend on the specific context in which they are performed.

Using this knowledge, you can overcome buyers’ main barriers and whatever else stands in the way of the decision to buy your product \ benefits could very well be different for everyone.

Some want to save money, others time, and even others who won’t see the value in buying into your product or service without the promise of some extra incentive in return.

More often than not, you spend your entire weekend driving from one store to the next.

You’re hungry, you have nothing readily available to cook at home, and even if you did, you don’t have the energy or patience to put time into cooking.This will uncover endless amounts of valuable information, and, in turn, illuminate why your project hasn’t been done before.If it has been done before, and you have little to nothing to offer when it comes to innovation and/or improvement to that iteration, you might want to rethink what it is you’ve thought of.For example, you should understand the difference between going to the movies with kids and going with your partner, eating at home for comfort and booking a table in advance at a restaurant for the aesthetic and experiential value.The more variation you introduce to your line of questioning, the closer you’ll stay to the you understand how you can improve the lives of your customer base, you then need to understand the root of that inconvenience; find what’s really bothering them.You start creating startup business plan in your thoughts. Yes, what you do know is that this can be an exciting, thrilling, and potentially life-changing opportunity.What you’ll forget until later is that this idea you have to start a business is chock-filled with stress, long hours, second guessing, and anxiety — if you don’t start this endeavor with a proper business plan for your startup.Could that be because they’re solving relevant problems — some we didn’t even know we had until they’d solved for them?startup does not exist in the entrepreneur’s mind alone.So, let’s then treat value as the context of a given business.You can imagine why it would be subject to constant change, no?


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