Maintenance Business Plan

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The longer a small establishment stays in business, though, the more an entrepreneur understands the need to set aside resources for building maintenance.

"In an ideal world, everyone wants to do more preventative maintenance, whether they’re a small company or a large company," says Patricia Dameron, executive director for the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association.

"Everyone likes doing business with somebody they know and they can trust," Dameron says.

To maximize the investment in a service provider, small-business entrepreneurs should consider contracting a third party for functions that are critical for their business."Look for an opportunity where you can build a contract, or you could set up a regular routine schedule," she adds."That would mean you are a reliable piece of business for them, and they’re going to be more willing to work with you than if you’re just calling them out of the phonebook for a one-time service call." The ability to develop a long-term relationship with a dependable service provider gives entrepreneurs peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on the more pressing aspects of running a small business."It was a big blow to her profit and loss for that month because she had not factored in the cost of maintenance on an air conditioning system, nor the cost to replace the stained ceiling tiles and remove the mark running down the wall," Pompei says.Money remains particularly tight for small-business owners during their first few years of operation, making it even more difficult to budget properly for repairs.The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is required by Public Utilities Code Section 185033 to prepare, publish, adopt, and submit an updated Business Plan to the Legislature on May 1.Statute also dictates that, at least 60 days prior to submittal to the Legislature, the Authority must publish a draft Business Plan for public review and comment."They’re so busy, and they have so many fires to put out already," says Pompei, who also volunteers in the Palm Beach office of SCORE, an association dedicated to helping small-business entrepreneurs solve business-related problems."It’s hard for them to focus on the need to do anything else.How can the railroad financially support its ongoing operations, maintenance and growth?" We are developing the Caltrain Business Plan to answer these questions.


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