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If 0, the address is locally administered and if 1, the address is globally unique.It is worth noticing that in the OUI portion, the globally unique addresses assigned by the IEEE has always been set to 0 whereas the locally created addresses has 1 configured.

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While I was testing I used MACs in the space ::xx , but now we need to assign final MACs. represents any bit in the mac address, and X is the U/L bit and Y is the Uni/multi cast bit If the the eighth bit of a MAC address is 1, devices may have trouble getting IP addresses using DHCP.

The question here is that the company that pays the project dont want to buy OUI mac space. If the eighth bit of a MAC address is 0, you may have more luck.

Extended Unique Identifier (EUI), as per RFC2373, allows a host to assign iteslf a unique 64-Bit IP Version 6 interface identifier (EUI-64).

This feature is a key benefit over IPv4 as it eliminates the need of manual configuration or DHCP as in the world of IPv4.

I know that "mac pool" under configuration tab which assigns in that mac range, but here I am looking for specific mac for specific VM.

Nowadays, people have a whole host of devices connected to their router via Ethernet, or Wi Fi.

A MAC address identifies each individual machine attached to a local network.

Think of the MAC as a personal ID number belonging to each individual device. Thus, PCs with multiple LAN ports or Wi Fi modules also have multiple MAC addresses.

This means another address is needed for your router to correctly forward data to each individual device on your network.

Each device on your network has a unique MAC address.


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