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They also included questions about each offenders past and childhood experiences.The most common answer given by the perpetrators was that violence was normal to them (Weldon and Gilchrist 2012).While these surveys suggest that rates of victimization of intimate partners is similar to other cross–national samples, there is particularly rich additional information that is captured in these surveys including trends, context, sentencing implications, family violence against children and youth, violence against older adults, and homicide risk.

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Weldon and Gilchrist (2012) interviewed six male perpetrators serving prison sentences in Scotland.

They asked the offenders general questions about their thoughts and feelings in regards to violence.

It was something that they were used to and had seen many times.

These findings however, did not only apply to intimate relationships, but rather to life in general.

In the divorce literature, high–conflict couples are identified as those that require extensive and lengthy court involvement to resolve disputes post–separation.

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Family violence issues are present in a majority (but not all) of high conflict separations (Jaffe, Austin, & Poisson, 1995; Johnston, 1994).Similarly, estimates from the Australian Women's Safety Survey, which strictly focused on the prevalence of physical and sexual violence experienced by women and the nature of this violence, reported that 8% of women have experienced at least one incidence of violence, perpetrated by an intimate partner.These cross–national estimates capture the reported (actual or threatened) violent incidents from crime victim surveys.The literature review on domestic violence perpetrators: The Select Council on Women’s Issues agreed to the release of this Literature Review, which will support national consultations on perpetrator intervention standards and research priorities.Family violence is considered to be any form of physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse that occurs in the context of family relationships.In Canada, 27% of reported violent crime victims are victims of family violence, and similar rates have been documented in the US.In both countries the number of female victims outnumber the male victims by at least 300% in the context of intimate violence (Statistics Canada, 2004a; Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000).The last nationally conducted survey found that an estimated 16 percent of married Americans experienced domestic violence within the previous year.That means that approximately 8.7 million couples have been affected by domestic violence (Hines, Saudino 2002).What Makes a Person Violent: Literature Review Since the beginning of the human race, domestic violence has been present.However, it was not until recent centuries that people began to look at it as a crime.


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