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In such a case, the review usually precedes the methodology and results sections of the work.

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Take solace that even the best scientists can fall into the trap of using poor evidence. If your research program is well constructed, a less-than-perfect literature review will not affect the results.

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The fact that a researcher is undertaking the research program speaks for its importance, and an educated reader may well be insulted that they are not allowed to judge the importance for themselves.

They want to be re-assured that it is a serious paper, not a pseudo-scientific sales advertisement.

Evaluating the credibility of sources is one of the most difficult aspects of a literature review, especially with the ease of finding information on the internet.

The only real way to evaluate is through experience, but there are luckily a few tricks for evaluating information quickly and accurately. Google does not distinguish or judge the quality of results, only how search engine friendly a paper is.This is why it is still good practice to begin research in an academic library.Any journals found there can be regarded as safe and credible.A literature review can be a precursor to the introduction of a research paper, or it can be an entire paper in itself, acting as the first stage of large research projects and allowing the supervisor to ascertain that the student is on the correct path.A literature review is a critical and in depth evaluation of previous research.The process of reviewing the literature requires different kinds of activities and ways of thinking.Shields and Rangarajan (2013) and Granello (2001) link the activities of doing a literature review with Benjamin Bloom’s revised taxonomy of the cognitive domain (ways of thinking: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating).Whilst some literature reviews can be presented in a chronological order, this is best avoided.For example, a review of Victorian Age Physics may certainly present J. Thomson’s famous experiments in a chronological order.A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article.A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic.


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