Kindergarten Reading Homework

Share how what she does at school affects your child at home and do so in a way that is considerate of her time. The expectations of what children need to know when they enter kindergarten are closer to what used to be expected in 1st grade. Point out letters and words in the text, and encourage him to recognize rhyming sounds and words and to identify beginning and ending sounds. Your child needs to have opportunities to use pencils, crayons, and other writing instruments as she attempts to express herself in written form. Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn about what goes on at school and to show your child how much you care about what she is doing. Your child needs lots of opportunities for play outside of school.

Find out how to support your child's literacy journey during kindergarten with this reading roadmap, and to further boost your child’s academic skills: Learn more about what to expect this year with this comprehensive guide to kindergarten. The BOB Books: Rhyming Words boxed set is one of our favorites for early learners — and in fact, BOB Books are often the first ones kids can read on their own. (Write and Wipe books are great for encouraging early writing skills, and they can be used over and over! Kids begin with scribbles and lines, move on to letters and their name, and then to words and sentences. The more self-control your child has, the more successful he will be in school. Play is the way in which he learns about himself and the people and world around him.

All parents want to help their children, but not all parents know how to do so.

I created the video at the top of this page to show to parents at our “Homework Help” educational session.

I believe every parent and teacher should be required to read The Read-Aloud Handbook: 7th Edition by Jim Trelease.

Kindergarten Reading Homework

Jim explains, very clearly and with plenty of anecdotes, humor and wisdom, the importance of reading aloud to children.Children need practice in deciding how and when to express their feelings and needs, and when and if to act on impulses. But more often than not, play has been squeezed out of the school day.Help him develop and practice these skills at home before he tests them at school, where the consequences are a loss of learning for him and for others. Playing both alone and in small groups helps facilitate learning and allows your child to practice skills and concepts. Homework is an opportunity for talking, sharing, and listening.The type of program you work in may also dictate the type of homework you send home, if any.My goal for homework in my own classroom is to support and encourage parents as partners in their child’s education.Shelby County Schools is not responsible for questionable or controversial content found through links external to this site.SCS offers educational opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability.There’s a little something here for everyone, no matter what your situation.Different types of homework has been shown to benefit different populations.With just one click of a button in ESGI, you can quickly generate parent letters for each child in your class along with corresponding flash cards, specifically aligned to each child’s individual needs.Click HERE to try ESGI free for 60 days and use promo code PREKPAGES to save off your first year!


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