Introduction To An Essay About Music

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Research has shown that music can positively impact plants and animals, and scientists discovered that it can also provide beneficial effects to human health; today, music therapy is a popular and effective way of treating psychological disorders.

So, what are the positive effects of music on the human brain and human health?

Youth are often grouped in fan-clubs and subcultures, which also helps young people to socialize.

Music is one of the most ancient forms of art, and one of the most beneficial for human beings as well.

This helps to create a so-called “relaxation response,” which counteracts the damaging effects of chronic stress.

Music contributes to the release of endorphins, which are protein molecules produced by the nervous system that works with sedative receptors in the brain.

This requires wide reading to understand what other writers in the field have to say about the subject.

Find relevant books in the library, from your teacher and other sources.

Music today is an extremely popular and available form of entertainment; people of all ages attend concerts of their favorite bands and singers, and share the same positive emotions there.

However, they can share the same emotions in everyday life; simply talking about music, even if the interlocutors have just met and have different preferences, can help them establish communication faster and easier.


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