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Its purpose is to explain or clarify information on a subject.It is important to present the topic in an impartial and non-biased fashion without forming a conclusion.

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Once the general format of the paper is complete, you can revise and rewrite to ensure that paragraphs move coherently and ideas are well developed.

It is important that the body paragraph directly support your main thesis and that the conclusion matches the essay that comes before it.

To get a clear understanding of how expository writing differs, it is best to compare it to different essay genres.

An expository essay is objective, neutral and focuses on explaining all sides of a situation, whereas an argumentative essay is about arguing for and supporting one side of the debate by contrasting it with different viewpoints.

This guide will take you through the things you need to do to write a fantastic and detailed paper step by step.

The first step is understanding what type of expository essay you are going to write.If the assignment calls for it, this is the time to bring in evidence to back up each idea and, in turn, your main premise.Body paragraphs should easily flow from one to the other by using closing sentences that lead the reader to the next idea and then eventually to the conclusion.Clearly, revision is not always possible if you are writing an expository essay as part of an exam.In these cases, consider writing a quick outline prior to beginning your essay and revising that before you begin the actual essay writing.For a college level essay, you should follow this loosely and be prepared to add more than three body paragraphs and perhaps a longer introduction and conclusion depending on the assignment and length of essay.An introduction should reveal your topic and put it into context for your reader.New information or evidence should not be brought into the conclusion paragraph.Generally, you want to leave your readers with a sense of closure by wrapping up your main thoughts and reviewing your main points.Your conclusion should resemble your introduction by restating the thesis statement, but in different words or in a different way.Now that you have provided evidence in your body paragraphs to prove your thesis, you need to remind your readers of what they have learned.


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