Intermingling Thesis

Intermingling, or heterophily, from a sociological perspective includes the various forms of interactions between individuals that go against a particular society's cultural norms.

These relationships stem from weak or absent ties, which are contrary to strong ties and constitute of networks between individuals who know little or nothing about one another.

In Stanley Milgram's Small World Problem this breach in the spread of new information is described as group inbreeding.

According to Mark Granovetter in his work the Strength of Weak Ties, intermingling is necessary in gaining access to new opportunities and personal gain as weak ties increase an individuals exposure to new information.

Pertaining to the diffusion of relationships, intermingling and heterophily are perceived to create more damage.

Thus, since individuals practice homophily tend to be strongly connected and hold strong ties between their groups, when an individual is removed from the group information is still passed easily among those who remain.Located on the second floor of Anderson Hall, Gallery 224 is primarily used by UArts graduate students, who prototype and exhibit their work in this vibrant open space.Regulating what the government should control and what they should not was one of the main arguments our founding fathers had to deal with when creating our nation, and to this day this regulation is one of the biggest issues in society.This favor is symbolized through pay raises, promotions, transfers, work load discrepancies and it usually leads to co-workers envying one another or carrying feelings of inequality.Couples who work for the same institution but have no direct interaction during their tasks at work may be two individuals who work in different departments or different sites.Additionally, Granovetter's work found that information diffuses (spreads) more quickly and further when the network is made up of weak ties and bridges (individuals who connect two strangers).This is benefiting to individuals as information usually contain information on employment, business opportunities, and new ventures.The goal of these networks is to exchange information, act upon new opportunities, and have personal gain from the relationship.Intermingling has been known to enhance individuals' networking practices as heterophily is said to make people more successful through them being able to receive new information from weak ties.Examples of intermingling can include networking, work-place romance, or cross-cultural dating.Intermingling is the opposite of homophily and xenophobia but individuals tend to be less heterophilic and more homophilic- associating and bonding with individuals similar to themselves.


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