Interesting Habits Essay

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The fruits that they sold there were grown at the vicinity of the temple and the central character would choose one from each stall.

He took oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, dragon fruit and strawberries as he descended down the flight of stairs.

It was as if the wood was still alive, like a tree but some parts were polished and very smooth.

The western part of the horizon showed distant mountains and a river that flows through the center of the city.

The architecture of the city also had features of animals such as wolves, bears and eagles.

Interesting Habits Essay

The central character, whose perspective was also my perspective within the dream, would descend the tall flight of stairs.The temple is so ancient but the people and the citizens around it was very devoted to keeping it clean and up to shape.The temple has very high pyramidal towers that are arranged like those of the cathedrals.At the bottom of the stairs were a diverging pathway.The pathways were each made of different rocks and diverged to the different parts of the city.Some structures had a central tree at the middle of the buildings. The structures looked like they were made out of randomly picked objects, such as stone and wooden parts.Some trees towered through the horizon as it was surrounded by the special buildings of the city. Some slabs of stones were made out of very precious rocks while some were polished pieces of sandstone or granite.Larger species grow to 20 inches (50 cm) and more than 10 lbs. (1.1 kg); Netherland dwarf, under 2.5 lbs.; dwarf hotot, under 3 lbs. So, to ensure that the population grows, rabbits have more babies.Each pregnancy produces three to eight babies, called kittens or kits.Some dreams are so profound that they can be life changing.Other dreams depict epic stories and are always fun to recall. I have a recurring dream that always starts with a central character exiting from a very old temple.


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