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An informative speech is a speech that is given to provide the audience with information about a topic. The method of using Power Point is itself important because all workers need to create or interact with Power Point presentations at some point in their career. However, to date no coherent framework for gender differences in language and its use has been established empirically, despite relatively extensive theorizing. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 29 November 2014]. The skill of rhetoric has been used a lot in the Western culture and has played a central role in it.

The primary purpose of informative speech is to educate the audience. However, not all Power Point presentations are equal. One reason for this lack of framework lies in the absence of a consensus in how language, whether written or…… Sadly enough, rhetoric hasn't remained what Aristotle initially proposed it to be.

This means that your speech should contain some color, drama, or humor.

It should have “flair.” Make your speech memorable by using attention-grabbing anecdotes and examples.

When figuring out how to write a speech, the essay form can offer a good foundation for the process.

Just like essays, all speeches have three main sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.The speech pattern illustrated in the image in this slide is topical.The body is divided into sections that address different people (different topics).However, unlike essays, speeches must be written to be heard as opposed to being read.You need to write a speech in a way that keeps the attention of an audience and helps paint a mental image at the same time.However, because of length and simplicity, you cannot go into the level of detail that you would in an essay. Because the audience may be hostile, a speech must be sympathetic to the views of the administration, even while antagonistic opinions are expressed. The different types of literacy range from multicultural awareness to written language to public speaking. Digital strategies for powerful corporate communications. New York: Mc Graw-Hill Honolulu Rail Honolulu's Impeding Rail System: Addressing the Necessary Factors to Ensure the Successful Implementation of a Mass Transit Rail System in Honolulu, Hawaii The Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project has already gone through a plethora of designs and revisions and has recently the project has been approved by the governing authorities. Retrieved Feburary 2, 2011, from Environmental Graffiti: Hansen, e. The ASSURE model is used to help teachers do an authentic and complete assessment of student learning at the termination of the class. Instructional media and the new technologies of instruction. You are going to have to carefully consider whether the information you want to present is critical to an understanding of the topic, and leave more nuanced discussions of issues to a written presentation. Complex sentence structure is one of the hallmarks of college-level writing. Moons Path/pages/ 1993 Since the war in Iraq, thousands of American soldiers have been injured, and some of them paralyzed by explosions that shattered their spinal columns. A Negative Method persuasive technique would be an appropriate approach, because there are several solutions to the problem that should be presented (and dismissed) in this presentation. For the purposes of this project, I examined and analyzed several different workplace environments for their usage of language and their different literacy demands. The project is meant to address many issues that can propel Honolulu into a more sustainable direction. Retrieved February 2, 2011, from Bloomberg: Graffiti. In a rapidly evolving educational environment, teaching methods and teaching theory is changing almost weekly. While the answer to that can actually be a little complex, it comes down to length and simplicity. Central Idea: For centuries, society has viewed addiction to alcohol and other substances as a defect in one's moral fiber, rather than a medical affliction. While the average adult reads approximately 300 words (or one page) per minute, they can only listen to about 150 words per minute. Modern scientific exploration into the subject of addiction has revealed that alcoholism is actually the result of neurotransmitters in the brain becoming activated, chemical responses throughout the body, genetic influences, and even environmental factors. The heart of addiction: A new approach to understanding and managing alcoholism and other addictive behaviors. These differences can become critical in an informative speech. [Read More] Parent-Teachers' Association (PTA) meetings, several adamant parents requested an improvement in quality of the Highland Oaks cafeteria lunches. and Literacy Every workplace without exception relies on language as a primary means of communication. The ASSURE method educational course design, in particular coursed which integrate technology and media into the teaching process provides the teacher with a systematic approach to writing lesson plans. Your job is to teach the audience about a topic, and it might be a topic that is unfamiliar to many of them. The school administration, including the superintendent, has maintained a long-standing relationship with the Mariela Catering Corporation and opposes terminating this relationship. "Communicating with Men at Work: Bridging the Gap with Male Co-Workers and Employees." Male / Female Communication Newsletter. Therefore, all types of literacy are required in order for an organization to function properly. The model provides a plan used to help teachers organize instructional procedures in a complex environment which utilizes technology, multi-media, and traditional teaching methods.


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