If Poem By Rudyard Kipling Essay

If Poem By Rudyard Kipling Essay-53
Kipling has also deftly given life and movement to the poem through the use of personification.

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Kipling uses several literary devices to convey the message in the poem.The virtues illustrated in If are free of pretension and glamor; Kipling does not mention heroic actions, wealth or fame.For him, a man should be measured by his humility and the grace to face the challenges of life audaciously.The most prevalent literary devices used by Kipling is irony.For instance, the line: “if you could think”, is contradicted by the author by saying: “and not make thoughts your aim.” Similarly, in urging the reader to both ignore doubt and make allowance for doubt, Kipling constructs a paradox.Andrew Lycett, Kipling’s biographer, deems the poem one of the writer’s finest and reported to the the Daily Mail (2009), “If” has utmost value even in the complex postmodern world: In these straitened times, the old-fashioned virtues of fortitude, responsibilities and resolution, as articulated in ‘If-‘, become ever more important.” Wayne Dyer in his book Wisdom of the Ages (1998) wrote about the poem in the following words, “The lofty ideas in his four-stanza poem inspire me to be a better man each time I read it and share it with my children, students, and audiences.” Therefore it is highly recommended that everyone should read the poem and reap the benefits of the wisdom along the stanzas. Rudyard Kipling creates a solution to lifes problems in his gifted piece If.He offers a variety of commonsensical advice that is realistic which stands the test of time.If  by Rudyard Kipling is something that mickle be perceived as a set of virtues fit(p) down by the poet which be necessary for the development of a good human being.Kipling wrote about Jameson in his autobiography Something of Myself.“Among the verses in Rewards (and Fairies) was one set called `If–‘, which escaped from the book, and for a while ran about the world.


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