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De complexe mix van deze elementen op een bepaalde plaats beïnvloed het ruimtelijk gedrag van graffiti schrijvers.De schrijver creëert zo een eigen “sense of place”.

- A magnetic side with 42 magnets (27 letters, 10 digits and 5 signs) for children to learn the alphabet and perform their first calculations while having fun.

A black chalkboard with a box of chalk and a brush.

Het onderzoek beperkt zich vaak tot een element van graffiti en maakt gebruikt van ideeën en theorieën uit sub-disciplines.

Hierdoor is een rijke, maar gefragmenteerde literatuur over het fenomeen graffiti ontstaan.

A white board for use with a dry erase marker (sold separately).

Your child can bring this convenient toy everywhere using its handle. This makes it ultra compact to take up minimal space.Graffiti Boards are a shared writing space (e.g., a large sheet of paper or whiteboard) where students record their comments and questions about a topic.The purpose of this strategy is to help students “hear” each other’s ideas.De ene as betreft de mate van illegaliteit van de geproduceerde graffiti, de andere as de connectie van de schrijver tot de graffiti subcultuur.De hieruit voortvloeiende “typen” graffitischrijvers zijn amateurs, outsiders, bombers, en kunstenaars.Four activities combined in a single carrying case : - A magic drawing board with stylus.Simply slide the handle from left to right and the drawing is erased as if by magic!Some benefits of this strategy include that it can be implemented in five to ten minutes, it provides a way for shy students to engage in the conversation, it creates a record of students’ ideas and questions that can be referred to at a later point, and it gives students space and time to process emotional material.You can use the Graffiti Boards strategy as a preview activity by introducing a new topic and helping students to organize any existing knowledge about that topic.Moreover, the triggers for graffiti writers to produce graffiti on a certain surface seem to be interconnected with 1) geographical factors such as the visibility of a location and 2) a certain regulatory regime which characteristics writers can observe on a surface.The complex mixture of such factors on a certain place influences the behaviour of individual graffiti writers, it creates a specific sense of place.


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