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I believe that modernising the building is the best choice and strongly urge you to consider it.284 words I do blab on, don't I? Rezende Subject: Municipal Library I come through this letter to make an appeal for the not destruction of the Municipal Library’s building.One of the reasons why the building should be preserved is because of its touching past.

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Dealing with the issue means you must know the way of how to write an essay proposal.• While writing an essay proposal, it is important to remember that your solution provided must be brief and straight to the point.

If it doesn’t grasp your readers’ attention, they may discard your proposal.

Also, why your reader must choose your solution as the best.

The aim of this article is to answer all your questions about proposals, to make you feel more comfortable about writing a proposal in the CAE exam, and to show you how to plan and write one with examples from a teacher and a student.- Questions About Proposals- Andrew Writes a Proposal- A Student Writes a Proposal- Links to More Resources Proposals are (half the time) one of the options in part 2 of the writing test. Write fewer words and you probably haven't completed the task, write more and you've probably included some irrelevant info.

It was built with only imported material of best quality, and it was the second library in the country.

It was also, for more than a hundred years, the biggest and more luxuous public building in the whole country.My home city in England is full of old buildings that have been turned into offices and flats so it's quite easy for me to come up with ideas. I'm not going to be a fanatic about this issue - that isn't persuasive.By the way - the 3 parts of the task could be used as 3 paragraphs in my proposal. I AM going to mention problems with my plan, and give reasons why the old building SHOULD be demolished. Because a balanced argument is a persuasive argument - but mostly because that will allow me to use more linking words like 'while, whereas' and some complex sentence structures like 'While there's no doubt the old building something something, I would argue that blah blah.'Enough waffle. In this proposal I aim to persuade the Council that Ducie Central is a landmark building, that its demolition is not in the public interest, and that the building could still have a bright future.But the building is more than memories - it's a place where education used to happen, and where it can happen again. There's no doubt it would be expensive to insulate, install triple-glazed windows, and set up solar panels on the roofs.However, local architects and the Engineering College are willing to work on my proposed redevelopment for free.You should use headings, and have an intro and conclusion. I am not going to use bullet points because if you write well they are not needed.You CAN use bullet points but I tell my students to write in full sentences. Bullet points can help people read something efficiently, but they are often used by writers who are too lazy/scared to write complete sentences. Oh, and it's not a letter so don't start with 'Dear Sir.'Grammarly. But I have to say this video is pretty good: There are plans to demolish an old and unused building in the town where you are a student. You decide to write a proposal for the town council explaining why you think the building should be preserved, suggesting what could be done to modernise it and saying how the building could benefit the local people. First I should come up with some ideas about why the building should be saved and some ideas about how to modernise it. I'm going to use at least one passive sentence and at least one inversion (Not only do people love this building but also...).A lot of my students don't like doing proposals because they seem scary and business-y.That's a shame because sometimes the proposal topic in the exam is one they want to write about.You must use spelling checking software to avoid any spelling mistakes.Your problems must be addressed properly and also you need to provide solutions for each and every problem.


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