Honours Dissertation

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Working backwards from that deadline, figure out how much time you can allow for the various stages of production. Use it, however, with two caveats in mind: Avoid falling into the trap of procrastination. For some tips on how to do this, see our handout on procrastination.It’s a good idea to try to squeeze in a bit of thesis work every day—even if it’s just fifteen minutes of journaling or brainstorming about your topic.

In addition to the usual load of courses and jobs, seniors have the daunting task of applying for jobs and/or graduate school.

These demands are angst producing and time consuming If that scenario sounds familiar, don’t panic!

Some goal-setting will be done for you if you are taking a required class that guides you through the honors project.

But any substantive research project requires a clear timetable. Find out the final deadline for turning in your project to your department.

Do start strategizing about how to make a time for your thesis.

Honours Dissertation

You may need to take a lighter course load or eliminate extracurricular activities.

That way, you develop good writing habits that will help you keep your project moving forward.

Since most of you will be taking a required thesis seminar, you will have deadlines.

Keep in mind that many departments will require that you turn in your thesis sometime in early April, so don’t count on having the entire spring semester to finish your work.

Ideally, you’ll start the research process the semester or summer before your senior year so that the writing process can begin early in the fall.


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