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Emphasis will be placed on students’ capacity to respond critically to the selected texts in oral and written presentations, in the form of class or online discussions, short essays and term paper.Class size will be kept small to maximize discussions and to facilitate intensive guidance on academic writing.This Cross Institutional General Education Course Sharing Project connects HKUST with three local universities namely the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U), and the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to share designated common core / general education courses.

The contents of the course include perception of the material world in ancient China, early Chinese views of the universe, earth and nature, changes in the perception of these entities over time, scientific inventions and theories of ancient China, and the linkage between science, art and literature in China.

Guest speakers will give insights on specific areas of technological advancement in ancient China. Portrayed by mass media, there is an exaggerated link between mental illness and violence.

In order to make informed decisions in this information age, everyone needs to have an efficient way to sift through and evaluate the myriads of information that is available through the Internet. How do all these problems relate to the Internet that we use on a daily basis?

The ultimate objective of this course is to help students develop a “computational” state of mind for everyday events. We will also discuss intensively the societal impacts of computing technologies on our daily life.

Specifically, most of the lecture sessions would be conducted in collaborative workshop formats, whereby students need to work in teams to complete hands-on tasks corresponding to the topics covered in the course. The course invites students to investigate the problem of "humanity"—i.e., what it means to be human—at two levels: human as an individual and human as a social being.

Students will be engaged in a direct dialogue with literary writers, philosophers and social reformers who address three fundamental questions: What makes a "good" life for me? How do I make possible such a "good" life and "good" society?

Film critics and scholars will be invited to conduct guest lectures. In spite of the vast and superior knowledge possessed by the ancient Chinese relative to the rest of the world, China did not develop into a dominant technoculture.

This course will explore some of the lesser known inventions and scientific development in ancient China and factors that caused China to fall behind the West in technological development.

Flows of capital, film personnel, technologies, ideas and creativity are vibrantly circulating inside and outside the cultural industry of filmmaking, resulting in phenomena such as transnational co-productions and cross-cultural cooperations.

These dynamic processes are inflected in characterization, plot development, and space-time configurations on Hong Kong screens.


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