Gun Control Violence Essays

Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are the best choice for mass shooters hence such weapons in wrong hands is extremely risky.

Such weapons need to be in the hands of law enforcers only. Individuals and groups that oppose gun control further point to the Second Amendment which allows civilians to own firearms for the purpose of individual and societal protection.

The only true way for society to reduce crime would be to improve access to treatment for mentally-ill individuals, and improve the armament of our police forces.

First, allowing law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms does not create violence.

Law enforcement agencies need to be empowered to protect civilians and civilians need to trust law enforcers to do their work.

Application of the Second Amendment should be cautious.Some argue that the display and usage of powerful weapons may be detrimental, due to appearance of these weapons in the hands of police officers, and civilians alike.It is reflected in many studies that the presence, or usage of civilian firearms do not have a direct correlation to increased violence, sometimes even leading to reduced violence.However, when someone insists that he is using an AR-15 for use in sports, it barely makes sense.Using semi-automatic weapons for hunting purposes amount to misuse.In order to better protect against these attacks, arming police forces with military weaponry and vehicles would only benefit society.While some may argue that gun bans or such are beneficial, these proposals would only limit the Second Amendment, while crime continues.This has encouraged gunmen to use the arms inappropriately.In addition, some of the opponents of gun control state that hunting is a key activity in their life and that they require guns to hunt.In this regard, the pursuit of the Second Amendment must be cautious, and gun control needs to be enforced.One of the aspects that make gun control relatively difficult is the ability of armed civilians to intervene and stop criminals at scenes of crime.


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