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It’s completely fine to leave your contact information at the bottom, but let the hiring manager be the scheduler.If the date chosen doesn’t end up working for you, let them know and ask to reschedule.

Here’s how not to write your conclusion: There’s a few things wrong with this.

First, “thank you for your time and consideration” could not be more default. Second, “I really look forward to our interview” is a nice thing to say, but not if you haven’t been offered the interview yet. Finally, offering up the dates you’re available isn’t appropriate.

If the recruiter’s name and information isn’t part of the application, go to the company’s website and check around to see if you can spot the right person.

Worst comes to worst, you may actually have to pick up the phone and *shudder* ask someone.

Below, we'll be going over The anatomy of a graphic design cover letter A template for a graphic design cover letter Extra tips for a graphic design cover letter While you could probably come up with a few wacky ways to summarize your past experiences, it's best to keep your cover letter simple and standard. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; grab the header from your graphic design resume and use the same one on your cover letter.

While some graphic designers believe in out-of-the-box appearances, a cover letter may not be the right time to experiment with that or show off your design skills.

In the letter itself, use a basic font like Arial or Times New Roman. If your letterhead font and letter font don’t match, that’s okay – just make sure you're taking a good look at font pairing.

While a little color is okay, remember what the point of the letter is.

Once you figure out who it is you’re writing to, there are a few ways you can address them.

Let’s say Bob Smith is the hiring manager: That Miss/Mrs. Unless you know for sure what the marital status is, Ms. Cover letters are typically never more than a page long.


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