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Yeast strain was cultured on yeast peptone dextrose and Biolog universal yeast agar media. Author(s): Hari Prasad Aryal and Usha Budathoki April 2016 Examination of Candida albicans strains from South Africa for the production of gliotoxin and other cytotoxic secondary metabolites Candida species cause superficial mycosis and more serious systemic infections. pachydermatis in dogs with external otitis or dermatopathies. Fission yeast is a useful model organism for revealing the mechanisms by which these molecules affect the cell. Author(s): Trí Lê, Areeba Qureshi, Joel Heisler, Laura Bryant, Jehan Shah, Tom D. Comparatively, sholla leaves were highly supportive and their fruiting bodies appeared late, while coffee leaves were also supportive and their fruiting bodies appeared early.Pure yeast cells were suspended in sterile water at 49 turbidity,... The virulence factors of Candida are their adherence and hyphae formation ability and the production of hydrolytic enzymes. The samples were collected by sterile swabs or by the carpet technique. Wolkow and Radha Pyati July 2014 Clinico-mycological profile of superficial mycosis and the relationship Of ABO blood grouping with superficial mycosis A total of 456 clinically diagnosed cases (170 male and 286 female) of superficial mycosis was conducted. Results of the cultivation of Pleurotus on coffee and sholla leaves showed that they have promising effect for...Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were produced using hydrothermal protocols. February 2016 An improved method to optimize the culture conditions for biomass and sporulation of mycoparasitic fungus Trichoderma viride TV-1 Trichoderma viride, the most promising biocontrol agent is able to control a wide range of plant pathogens. The objectives of the study were to identify the most suitable substrate combination in the determination of the number of... The species is distinctively characterized from the closest H. Author(s): Zuhura Mwanga and Donatha Tibuhwa September 2014 A preliminary study on nutritional requirements of nematophagous fungus ARF907 for mycelial growth After studying the effects of carbon sources, nitrogen sources, and mineral elements on the mycelia growth of ARF907 in our lab, this research firstly was concerned with the carbon concentration, carbon to nitrogen ratio on the mycelia growth of this fungus, and the better mycelial yield got with carbon concentration of 6 g l-1 and carbon to nitrogen ratio of 160:1. Author(s): Li Gao August 2014 Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus on Grevillea robusta leaves at Dilla University, Ethiopia Mushrooms consumption has generated interest in man from early civilization.

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Author(s): Nompumelelo Sibanda, Oziniel Ruzvidzo, Cuthbert J. Mashingaidze and Chrispen Murungweni November 2018 Anticandidosic activity of selected medicinal plants from Côte d’Ivoire Superficial candidiasis is a real public health problem, especially in immunocompromised people and HIV-infected patients.

Due to the toxic handicap and the high cost of antifungal drug treatment, people use medicinal plants, which are relatively more accessible.

Medicinal plants are an important source of novel antimicrobial agents.

This study aims to determine the in vitro antimicrobial activity of...

On the basis of these results, together with “two-step” cultivation and orthogonal method, we optimized the culture conditions... Opportunistic sampling was used to collect 57 samples of Ganoderma from oil palm and other hosts for identification using comparative morphology and supported by molecular studies of the ITS and mt SSu gene regions. Author(s): Tonjock Rosemary Kinge and Afui Mathias Mih April 2015 A new ethanol-based macrochemical test combined with a cultural character in the process of identification of the cosmopolitan wood-decayer, Ganoderma resinaceum Boud. The challenges for fungal conservation are daunting.

Author(s): Li Gao June 2018 Isolation and characterization of fungi from a hot-spring on the shores of Lake Bogoria, Kenya Hot springs are aquatic environments with high temperatures. (Basidiomycota) A new macrochemical test using ethanol drops was set up and described here as a safer, quicker and more reliable substitute for the previously used match flame to reveal yellow resin on the pileus of Ganoderma resinaceum, no matter its geographical origin. As nature's recyclers, fungi are like municipal refuse collectors employed to take away our rubbish. The well-being of fungi is necessary for sustainable...

Fe3O4 nanoparticles are monodispersible and spherical with an average diameter of 82 nm.... Alghuthaymi March 2017 A study on the fungi isolated from the carpeting, walls and Holy Qurans from the Blue Mosque and Little Hagia Sophia Mosque situated in the province of Istanbul In this study the sampling of microfungus content from the carpeting, walls and Holy Qurans of two different mosques in the province of Istanbul was undertaken and in order to determine quantities. Biomass yields and sporulation of this fungus depends on the culture conditions (culture method), nutritional requirements (carbon and nitrogen source, mineral elements, carbon concentration, carbon to... July 2015 First report of Neurospora on Corylus avellana in natural forest of Iran Teleomorph stage of the fungus Neurospora udagawae was formed abundantly on the culture media of potato dextrose agar, potato carrot agar and malt extract agar. In addition, mushrooms cultivating is a promising new industry, with many new businesses developing every year.

Samples were taken in 2015 during the months of January, April, July and October. Heim in Nepal Study on the consumption and uses of edible fungi by selected ethnic tribes/groups in selected geographical regions in Nepal is lacking. Perithecia were visible on the culture medium and plant tissues (on the bark of tree) of hazelnut tree (Corylus avellana L.) from specimens of the Northwest forest of Iran. Cultivation of saprophytic edible mushrooms may be the currently economical biotechnology for lingo-cellulose organic waste recycling that combines...

It is produced only under solid state fermentation (SSF) and the inoculum required for the inhibitor production is developed in submerged condition. Three fungal isolates of genus Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Pycnoporus and an unidentified strain (F113) were grown in mono and co-cultures and the extracted enzymes were... Sequencing of 26S r DNA D1/D2 region was used to identify... A striking feature of its pathogenicity is ability to grow in yeast, pseudohyphal and hyphal forms.

As this is a newly discovered enzyme inhibitor with potential commercial success against diabetic... Author(s): Tian Haijiao, Qu Chang, Wu Hao, Li Yuhua and Yang Hongyan March 2014 Laccase production by Galerina sp. The hyphal form has an important role in causing...


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