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As economic distance between the wealthy capitalist and impoverish workers increasesso does the possibility of a revolution.It is in view of this that the paper examines the American Revolution of 1776, French Revolution 1789 and Russian Revolution 1917 as revolutions stirred by frustration that culminated in changes that have both immediate relevance to those society and remain reference point).Similarly, the theory of relative deprivation suggests that as The theory stresses that revolution is most likely to occur during a period of economic advancement that either reverses or proceeds too slowly to match the people’s rising aspiration for a better life (Toma & Gorman, 1990, pp. The theory of relative deprivation is further supported by Marxist theory of class warfare.

Such questions include: is every change a revolution and does every revolution culminate in a change?

What are the distinguishing features of change and the significance of such change for contemporary international politics?

This is because all revolutions draw on frustration of the masses, individual, institution or classes (Saylor, 2014, pp. Ted Gurr, 1970 opines that the popular perception of injustice, whether true or false, fuels the fire of revolution.

Put differently, revolution is stirred by debilitating economic hardship, economic stagnation and decline, excessive debt and high cost associated with fighting internal wars, exacerbated by governmental leaders increasingly perceived as inept: unable to exercise effective authority: incapable of stabilizing the economy: powerless to ensure domestic order: weak and irresolute in the face of external threats (Magstadt, 2006, p. Thus, revolution occur when, the established government come to be perceived as illegitimate by nearly everyone, including the elites, and loses its rights to rule.

Africa as some continually argue that the Arab spring was only a change of regime rather than a revolution.

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It is against this background that the paper seeks to examine the American, French and Russian revolutions to situate the concept of revolution beyond the popular usage.

Using secondary data derived from books, and journals, the paper therefore examines the revolution and change in international politics drawing fromhistorical examples of America and France Revolution.

Also, noting the causes and implications of these of revolution on International Relations.

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Change and continuity are characteristics of human history.


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