Fish Farming Business Plan

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The tanks and troughs will be enclosed within an insulated steel building.

CCB will be a sole proprietorship, owned by the founder, Shawn Halsey. Halsey plans to operate the business completely by himself for the first two years.

Remember that your investments aren't unlimited, so you have to know exactly what you are doing.

Since the fish business gains more and more popularity in Nigeria, every businessperson tries to improve his product to make more money and sometimes the methods are harmful to the fish and people who eat it.

You can start fish farming on a small scale for fulfilling your daily family demands or for earning some extra cash with your regular income. Keep reading as we guide you through how to make a proper business plan for fish farming in Nigeria.

How to start fish farming One of the most widespread agribusinesses in Nigeria is fish farming and for considerable reasons.Set goals, consider all the issues you have to solve like how much you'll pay for renting land and how much you'll spend on building ponds and fish breeding, then compare this total to the amount you want to earn and think over how much fish you can breed and sell to achieve your goals.You need to hire an experienced pond construction engineer or you can also go to another fish farm to get specifications and design requirements.These fish are known for their colorful appearance and interesting and agressive behavior. We estimate that 5% (350,000) of these users will view our site in one year's time and that 2.5% (8,750) of those potential customers will actually buy fish.Up to 30 separate cichlid species will be bred by CCB, in addition CCB will import fish that do not readily breed in captivity. The Market Research has shown that fish keeping is the second most popular hobby (behind photography) in the U. We conservatively estimate that by the end of this year there will be approximately seven million Internet users who live in the continental U. What creates such an opportunity for CCB is that most people do not have access to retail fish shops that regularly carry a large number of different cichlid species.The plumbing work must be done correctly by an expert to ensure the correct construction. Wells Good water supply is the lifeblood of fishing, and its absence can lead to disaster since water needs to be regularly changed.Naturally available water sources, such as borehole and river water, are the most suitable.There's high demand for fish products, such as Tilapia, Catfish, and Mackerel (salmon) in Nigeria that continually stimulates sustainable growth and expansion of the industry. With correct planning and good management, you can easily get N4 million of pure income within half of a year.There is so much information on the Internet about how to start fish farming in Nigeria, and we've tried to make this article as detailed and informative as possible to help you to build a fish farming business starting from the very beginning. Business plan for fish farming in Nigeria You can't run a business without having a plan.As sales increase, he will bring on a general assistant to help with all aspects of operations.The Product Candlelight Cichlid Breeders will provide rare tropical fish from the family Cichlidae.


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