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Maybe something has to happen to one person, to be able to save a thousand.

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Sentence connectors: Also, Besides, Moreover, Furthermore, In addition, Added to that, Another important fact is ...

It should be mentioned in passing that Sentence connectors: for example, ...

One area in the bible which I have a problem understanding is the story in the beginning of Job.

In this book, God talks to Satan and brags about His servant Job.

This exchange between Satan and God seems like a no win situation.

God, on one hand would never have made a bet, which would result in Him, appearing weaker or him losing.

So why would Satan waste his time making a bet that he knew he would lose?

The only reason I can see is that he truly thought Job would fall under the circumstances.

We may agreee that It must be admitted / granted I agree with her on ...

but is certainly questionable We must acknowledge ...


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