Example Of A Rough Draft Research Paper

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So to do that I need to double click here to open that up.

It’s important to remember that your rough draft is a long way from your final draft, and you will engage in revision and editing before you have a draft that is ready to submit.

Sometimes, keeping this in mind can help you as you draft.

The next thing I want to check for is that the body is double spaced, so the lines here should all be double spaced.

And I can select all of the text and then I'm going to right click on this and go to paragraph. First, you want to make sure your line spacing is set to double.

To get my name over here, I need to click on the right align. I can see that this is a different font from the body. This should be the same font as the font of the body of the essay.

So I click on that, and now my cursor is blinking here. So I'm going to close this for just a minute, and come back and look and see what font was I using.So I am going to come back up here, I'll double click again, and then I'm going to highlight this, I can highlight the name.And I can see up here it's Calibri, that's not the correct font. Now it says Times New Roman and I want to change it to 12 point. If I just double click on the page number, then it gets highlighted And you see it's also Calibri 11 point.This is the spacing before and after the paragraph, and we want these to be set at zero so that the double spacing is the same between paragraphs as well. We got rid of that extra space between the paragraphs here, and there was extra space between the title before, and now we don't have that. The other thing that you want to check is the margins. One other thing that I notice is the end of the lines here. When I do that, everything moves to the left, and now the lines over here are not all even, and that is the way we want it. The next thing I need to do is put in my heading and my page numbers.So now I have everything set to the way that I should have it for MLA format. Remember, these should be one inch margins on the side. And you can just look up here at the ruler and we can see that that is about one inch. In MLA format these lines should not all be even like this and I can see that the student set this using centered text. Now my title got moved, so I'm going to need to put that back in the center. Now the heading just goes one inch from the top of the paper again.And then I can close that and I'll look at my other pages, just to make sure.It has my name and my page number and it's half an inch from the top of the page and one inch from the right side.And then the page number shows up here and you can check, there's the two, and there's the three.So when you do it like this, all the page numbers get put in the correct place.So that's going to be right here on this first line. I'm going to hit return one time to move that down.And then on the top line, I want to go back and make it aligned on the left again, this is where I'm going to put my heading.


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