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Avoid script-style or jarring fonts that distract from the actual content.

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Subheadings are mini versions of headings meant to break up content within each individual section and capture the attention of your readers to keep them moving down the page.

In fact, we’re using subheaders right now in this section for that very purpose!

Here’s some easy formatting tips to help you do just that.

If your margins are too narrow, it makes the page look super cluttered and more difficult to read.

For most founders, writing a business plan feels like the startup equivalent of homework.

It’s the thing you know you have to do, but nobody actually wants to do.Bottom line: always be on the lookout for opportunities to “trim the fat.” If you fill your business plan with buzzwords, industry-specific jargon or acronyms, and long complicated sentences, it might make sense to a handful of people familiar with your niche and those with superhuman attention spans (not many), but it alienates the vast majority of readers who aren’t experts in your particular industry.Your best bet here is to use simple, straightforward language that’s easily understood by anyone — from the most savvy of investor to your Great Aunt Bertha who still uses a landline.Here’s the good news: writing your business plan doesn’t have to be this daunting, cumbersome chore.Once you understand the fundamental questions that your business plan should answer for your readers and how to position everything in a way that compels your them to take action, writing it becomes way more approachable.A good rule of thumb is sticking to standard one-inch margins all around.Your business plan is made up of several key sections, like chapters in a book.Limit your plan to two typefaces (one for headings and one for body copy and subheadings, for example) that you can find in a standard text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.Only pick fonts that are easy to read and contain both capital and lowercase letters.You should be able to refine all of the key value points that investors look for to 15-20 pages (not including appendices where you will detail your financials).If you find yourself writing beyond that, then it’s probably a case of either over explaining, repeating information, or including irrelevant details (you don’t need to devote 10 pages to how you’re going to set up your website, for example).


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