Essentials Of Good Essay Writing

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It’s fine to repeat common words such as “the”, obviously, but it’s best to avoid using the same connecting words, such as “also”, more than once in the same paragraph.

Rephrase using alternative expressions, such as “what’s more”.

When you do sit down to look through it, start by looking at its structure.

Think about the overarching shape of the argument you’re developing and check that the points you’ve made help build your essay towards a logical conclusion.

With word processors now the primary means of writing essays, it couldn’t be easier to rearrange paragraphs into a more logical structure by dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting paragraphs.

If you do this, don’t forget to reread the essay to ensure that the wording works with this new order, otherwise you may end up with a sentence leading into the wrong paragraph.Of course, every student dreams to have only excellent marks, but this aim seems unobtainable to many young people.Thus, if you want to know what points are important to make a good job, this article is just for you.In this article, we give you some tips to think about when you’re editing your own writing.Keep these tips alongside you to use as a checklist and you can’t go far wrong!Going on about a particular point for too long can actually undermine the strength of your argument, because it makes you look as though you’re desperately grappling to find supporting facts; sometimes a simple, clear statement with a brief piece of evidence to back it up is all that’s needed.You should be equally wary of repetition of words within the same sentence or paragraph.The thing is, it doesn’t always make you look intelligent; you may, for instance, inadvertently choose the wrong synonym, not realising that even close synonyms can have subtly different meanings or connotations.Sometimes using big words where simple ones would suffice can seem contrived and pompous; aim for clear, concise language to avoid being verbose or pretentious.Certainly, these recommendations are also effective for other types of text, thus, use them every time when you need to pass a written assignment. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.


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