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I relish in the opportunity show people how our products and services can meet their individual needs and enhance their live.Write a narrative essay based on Marsh’s article, as well as the Module Notes, the Funk and Wagnalls ethics reading, and the Kant presentation.It hurts everyone if they don’t because that means they have to do my job and theirs.

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It also involves the belief in moral benefit in work and enhancement of character ability.

The workers who possess good work ethic should be results to increased production and profit maximization.

Expectations are consistently verbalized and written. Inclusion I manage a team that was composed to service the broad diversity that exists in the many parts of Queens.

While we may run the gamut in terms of ethnicities we celebrate the commonality that we all choose to succeed as a team.

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13, 2013 Management My Work Ethics My work ethics are to me about the same way I live in general. I strive to do the best I can in general with everything that I do.Identify one ethical issue in Marsh’s article (do not use poverty and education) and write this as an ethical statement.Work ethic is a value established by diligence and hard work. Though these cultures may be a world apart, changing demographics are bringing these cultures into a single world market.Many minority populations throughout the United States are projected to grow through 2050, including the population of those of Hispanic origin, which is expected to nearly triple (Martin, Nakayama 12)....Excellence I consistently provide open and honest feedback about what is necessary for us to be successful....[tags: work ethic, evaluation,] - Views on formality, timeliness, group involvement, communication style and conflict resolution separate the U. American culture from Spanish influenced cultures in business settings.The mode of communication in the work-place and working towards a common goal are essential to ensure work is done properly (Funk and Wagnalls, 1986). - Missions and Value Training This training mapped out the company’s approach to the way business will be conducted. S3 DSR Certification Training I attained certification to facilitate the S3 Direct Sales Course. Document Retention The document retention course which focused on properly securing documents has been completed.In the work place, trust among workers mean a lot to me.I have to be able to trust my co-workers that they get their job done and correctly as they expect the same out of me. I usually come at least a few minutes early to get situated and prepared for the day.


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