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There can not be definite answer: the statement is true for some specialties and wrong for others.

For example, if you want to become a genius hairdresser, then sure practice and work with a good master is much more useful than college or university education with their “dull” classes.

Educated man will never succumb to public opinion, he takes care of his health and his actions are always purposeful.

Students pass the hard way of self realization and maturing.

Anyway you should remember things that easy come can easy go.

That is why employers, sometimes having taken uneducated specialist, realize their mistake and try to correct it.On the other hand, whatever smart and erudite you are, with an engineering degree you will not be allowed to become surgeon. Potential employer will always prefer employee with experience to graduate, who has never worked in that sphere.Perfect option is when you have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills.When it comes to money, there should be no indulgence and only those people who spend much time deciding what education establishment they will enter after school, sooner or later get the job of their dream.Employers prefer to hire a good specialist who, for example, has studied abroad and knows a couple of foreign languages.Education teaches young people how to be independent.In the education establishments students write their first research works, meet, communicate and make friends.If you do not take this step, further promotion is impossible.Today it is very difficult to build a career without higher education.Today it is very prestigious to get several higher educations, due to the fact that there is very tough competition on the labor market.That is why every person tries to show that he / she is educated and fully developed personality that can do any kind of work in any sphere.


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