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You want to be able to differentiate between the smaller pieces and the title of the collection itself.This also applies to other forms of publications and media: Rules always have exceptions, and the proper use of italics is no different.There have been some “rules” created about these formatting choices.

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Many wonder if these titles should also be italicized. Usually, the best way to bring emphasis to a shorter piece of work is to put it in quotations.

For example, if you are talking about Robert Frost’s poems, you might say that one of the most famous is called “Mending Wall.” This is especially important if you are talking about pieces within an anthology or collection.

Book titles are typically placed in the same category as other large and standalone pieces. This is why many institutions, businesses, and big publications will look to style guides.

They want to ensure they are doing things in the most acceptable way possible.

These aren’t set in stone like many grammar rules, but if you stray from the “accepted” way of doing things, you run the risk of your work becoming confusing. The short answer is yes, you do – but there are reasons and specifications.

However you choose to format your writing, the most important part is consistency across all your works.Many have adapted to the style of italics instead of underlining, but some have not.Though few, there are some style guides and manuals that will still insist on underlining and they teach that this is correct.Even today, these individuals still prefer to underline.In these cases, such professors and teachers may instruct their students to use this style in their written work.The MLA Manual uses the author-page citation system for in-text citations. However, your instructor may wish you to include the URL as part of the citation so that your source may be easily located.MLA suggests that the URL appear in angle brackets after the date of access. This is an age-old question that has plagued writers and students for years.There was a time where standards for this didn’t exist at all, and this was due to the overall lack of formatting options in general.Going back a few generations, writers would make certain words or phrases stand out by simply underlining them.This would bring extra attention to the words and tell a reader that they were important in some way.


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