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Case and point: we've all heard the term, 'fraternal order of police' being used to describe our nation's police force.

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Women officers are often seen as putting career over family, while minority officers are seen as turning their backs on minority communities.

Women and minority groups face challenges when entering the police force, which is dominated by white males.

In a world that still places much of the burden of childrearing on women, police officers who are female report feeling torn between work and home.

These feelings are often compounded by social stigma in the form of pressure from their colleagues.

On paper, law enforcement is a rainbow of equal opportunity.

Police departments across the nation are supposed to hire without regard to gender or race. Many believe this is due to some serious issues, even obstacles, placed in the way of female and minority officers.

We're going to take a look at some of these issues.

When it comes to issues facing female officers, discrimination by male officers is at the top of the list.

In Garfield Heights, Ohio, 90% of its officers are white, even though over 70% of its residents are minorities.

With these obvious imbalances in representation, it's not hard to see why young minorities aren't flocking to police recruitment centers. A 2007 study revealed they too suffer from underrepresentation.


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