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That varied, Some of them were strongly opposed to it, some of them strongly supported it, some of them were indifferent to the matter, and some, such as Jefferson, were torn.

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Yet he owned slaves and never could find a way to free them.

As an issue, slavery was tabled for the benefit of southern states who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Emily, Slavery was already a touchy issue, even then.

Antislavery interests would have liked to cut off the slave trade but the slave interests, both the southern states which depended on slave labor and those northern shippers who carried the slaves, wanted to continue the trade.

Actually, States' Rights was not a factor in the Civil War.

That's a latter-day retroactive justification by certain Southern apologists.

Apparently, even the southern states did not want to call it what it was. Article I, Section II, Paragraph 3, the first sentence.

Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a strong attack on slavery which would have forced the states to abolish it had it been left in, but the Southern states insisted in be removed.


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